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June 1, 2011

StarLight TearS

Whenever i'm alone
I can see your face
Smiling back at me
How I miss those days
But now i'm standing here
All alone still loving you
My love,
hear me call your name

Whenever you're alone
Do you think Of me?
Being with you
always makes me smile
Why did you have to go
I'm still reaching out to you
my love
hear me cry for you

I'll be waiting for you,
There'll be no one else for me
You don't have to see my pain
coz my heart just beats for you

You let me know,
Should i ever give us up
is this love full of lies
coz i'm still holding on to you

When i dream of you
i'm in sweet serenity
I dont want it to end
Having you loving me
But in reality
You have never looked at me
My love,
I'm reaching out to you

Please look at me
Like the far away stars
Can't I be the one
That you'll love forever?


mutiara kata dari tokoh Islam

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