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June 14, 2013

sem 5 di UPMKB (3)

I have an excellent father
His strength makes me stronger
and I have a lovely mom
inside and out, she's much better than i am
I grew up in a pretty home
i had a space to run
and i had the best day with both of you

I know why the all trees change in the fall
i know you were on my side
even when i was wrong
and i love you for giving me the chances
for staying back
and watching me shine 
so, i'm taking this chance to say
that i had the best day with both of you

Actually ini adalah olahan dari lirik lagu taylor swift. i re-made the lyrics. how i miss my parents so much rite now. only Allah knows it better than i am. takpa,, sabaq sabaq.. Allah kan sayang kat orang yang sabaq? =')

mutiara kata dari tokoh Islam

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