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February 23, 2013

Malaysian University English Test

yes, MUET..

i took the speaking test on 20th February 2013.. haha,, seriously, i didn't prepare anything to take the speaking test. i just understand the format and the things that should be done in the speaking test is only at the night before the test.. 

didn't mean to be that unprepared, but this week just so busy with those never-ending assignments.  the most 'interesting' moment = speaking test date just confirmed on 19th, and .. 

i      w  a  s       t  e  r  r  i  b  l  y        s  h  o  c  k

and the preparation would not be enough for myself because of the delayed-submit report, the business plan (must submit Friday,before 5), the presentations.. -.- seriously i don't have enough preparation for the test. luckily only the speaking test that day~

frankly speaking, i don't have such confident to   SPEAK  in English in front of people around me. i just afraid that they'll laugh at me for being not so fluent to speak in English.  urghh.. it makes me hardly embarrassed even though it just my imagination~

my turn is at 9.30 am that day.. the most i afraid of is, i can't speak in English while my brain said the sentences fluently in Malay language. -.- then, the tense crossed my mind. toughly.

"ahh.. i don't care if i don't elaborate the point given. as long as the other candidates and of course the examiner, understand on what am i talk about." i said to myself just before i enter the examination room.

*the 2 minutes preparation to elaborate the points given start*

wrote the points with short form only~ haha.. there's A LOT that i wrote, i remember it clearly in my mind. the sheet of paper was full of my handwriting..

*the 2 minutes speaking began*

for the first 10 seconds, my heart burst! i can't focus on the topic -.- then slightly, i see the ugly handwritten, to get idea to speak, but it was tooooooo hard to make it fluent. then i realized that i just only have 1 minute left. it's decided. i have to speak no matter what. this is THE ONLY chance~(i speak to myself) 

then i just speak out of what i wrote without looking at the paper. i just randomly elaborate with my own sentence. with the non-suitable verb, i just speak. ahh,, as long as they understand on what i'd tried to speak.i don't care . haha~

i just hope that i can gain a lot of confident level, just like others. i envy YOU. :(

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